Opening the door to better property management

We believe in creating something new, something different when it comes to the rental market.

At Hatch Property Management we look beyond the obvious to maximise owner investments and meet tenant needs.

We’ve seen an opportunity to make things better – for Landlord, for tenants, and for our local community.

By thinking big, acting smart and being people-focused, we are ready to create and deliver property management services with a difference.

We’re excited to lead the way in the Hamilton to venture into new property management territory, to open the door to you, as after all it is about you and managing your home.

We know our market. We have established connections with investors, developers and contractors,  – now is our opportunity to add more value by specifically connecting landlords and tenants, making lives easier and removing barriers to provide optimal results for all.

Hatch Property Management seeks to change the landscape of Property management and provide a hassle-free impeccable service. Are you ready? Well then let me open that door. Contact me now.

Our Values


Think Big

We see the big picture. We strategise and boldly venture into new territory. We’re driven to do things differently in the rental market. We inspire, excite, and deliver.


Act Smart

We are efficient, accountable and ethical. We courageously challenge the traditional norms of the rental market. Everyone contributes to making it work.


Focus On People

We’re people-focused above all else. Personal connection makes the difference. We value your support.

Ready for a different rental experience?

At Hatch Property Management, our unique services are driven by creating connections and building meaningful partnerships – so let’s talk.

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