Government announces changes to Healthy Homes standard

On December 3rd the Government announced that they would be changing the existing standards homes need to be at to meet the Healthy Homes guidelines. This is in response to feedback from the rental sector and will specifically impact heating, ventilation, moisture ingress and drainage standards. These changes will come into effect in April 2022 and private landlords & property managers will have 90 days to comply with the changes, starting 6 months after they are officially changed (effectively giving a 9-month grace period to meet the new standards). These changes are a good thing, they are more practical and achievable without sacrificing on the standard of living for renters. We have listed the existing standards and what these are changing to below.


Changes to the heating standard

Changes to ventilation standards

Changes to moisture ingress and drainage standards

If you are unsure about if your home meets the required standards give us a call and we’ll help ensure it does. For more information on the changes please visit